DEATH DIES "Product Of Hate"

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DEATH DIES "Product Of Hate"
  • Album: Product Of Hate
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

Ex-EVOL return with a second album, pretty much awaited by many fans since the band has a status of a cult one for the Italian Black Metal scene. If on the previous album there were here and there some modern influences, the new tracks completely abandoned any shade of atmospheric or rhythmic touch and the sound became extremely brutal, a Black/Thrash in old style based on force, rapidity and virtuosity. These musicians are very good with their instruments, something we all knew..., but I don't understand why they hurried to release such a simplistic and rather puerile album, at least as far as the conceptual aspect is regarded. If you desire for listening a sample of primitive aggressiveness you can confidently try this very material... if else, just press "skip"!