DEATH DIES "The Sound Of Demons"

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DEATH DIES "The Sound Of Demons"
  • Album: The Sound Of Demons
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

I've come to a point when I don't know what to think anymore! There are persons who meet success and then all kind of discussions make room different conflicts so that, in the end, each one follows personal musical projects. This is the case of EVOL's members who, probably governed by Giordano Bruno temper, have decided, one by one, to leave EVOL on the behalf of DEATH DIES improvement. This very line-up is in a three formula: Demian de Saba (SWEET END'S ANGEL), Rex Tenebrae and Samael von Martin, all ex-EVOL members. On this debut, which was supposed to be released a couple of years ago, are featured as well Banshee (keyb, female voice) and Nicholas (guitar),a quintet reminding me of EVOL's golden age. In essence, DEATH DIES' Black Metal is not so different from is only that there are as well more Progressive elements, a trendy keyboard and an opera female voice. Even if the multitude of tendencies is a real proof of a complex source of inspiration, the sound did not impress me despite all efforts indeed these musicians have made. Their music is dusty, full of anachronistic ideas that might have been catchy 5-6 years ago. All in all, "The Sound Of Demons" is a various album, questionable as far as the recording is regarded, appreciable for the ideas but mediocre in the light of making these ideas come true! is only a debut...