DECAYED "Hexagram"

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DECAYED "Hexagram"
  • Album: Hexagram
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: FOLTER
  • Artist: 
  • Portugal

Does this band still exist? It seems I know them for ever... since the beginning of the 90's! They've released about five albums, all in the underground Black Metal approach, the last one issued somewhere around 2003 if I'm correct. I also remember that they, alongside MOONSPELL, were at a certain moment back in time the most emblematic Black Metal bands in Portugal... afterwards, solely MOONSPELL found the lucky number.

Since then, I have never heard anything interesting about DECAYED. Going through numerous member replacements, they failed to impose in any way during seventeen years of activity. What does the new album bring? Just the same old and primitive Black Metal sound, at all bombastic, with Thrash and Death Metal elements, at all inspired, as it would have been done on the conveyor belt. I was expecting more, but it seems my expectations do not meet their visions. This Black Death Metal might be appreciated by DARK THRONE's fans. To me, it smells of futility.