DEMENTIA AD VITAM "Spirit Of The Trees"

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DEMENTIA AD VITAM "Spirit Of The Trees"
  • Album: Spirit Of The Trees
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: OCCULTUM
  • Artist: 
  • France

That’s an interesting album indeed, based on projects like DARGAARD, DARK SANCTUARY, ELEND, DVKE and ARCANA. We are dealing with an inspired mix of Dark Wave, Soundscapes, Ambient and NeoClassical, in a captivating but at all original formula. With melancholic violins, fragile sopranos, abundant keyboard, timid but grave bass, whispered male voices, DEMENTIA AD VITAM shows that, after DARK SANCTUARY or ELEND, they could be the most important band in the French Dark Wave scene, along ARTHESIA. I’ve already listened to two tracks from the new material, which isn’t complete yet, one of them having Richard Lederer as guest. There also is a cover-version to be found, so be ready to enjoy the new album too, as I hope it will be better promoted and with a mightier expressiveness than the debut was. The four youngsters succeed into framing through their accords an incredible romantic aura of a special beauty!