DEMONS OF DIRT "Killer Engine"

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DEMONS OF DIRT "Killer Engine"
  • Album: Killer Engine
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

The ex- ENGRAVED band had the chance of signing with label and what they perform here reminds me of THE HAUNTED. If their fundamental direction is Swedish Death Metal with many Thrash elements, well, I find interesting the influences of American style, which has the power, in live performances, of agitating the public/fans. It is one of the fewest European bands that managed to successfully and inspiring yet not so specially mix tendencies of two extreme Metal schools originated from two different continents. I also noticed some retro hues, but I suppose these ones are not so en vogue these days. I have no ideas how much this band will survive since it does not seem to have the required strength to impose itself simultaneously on two continents. We shall see!