DENSE VISION SHRINE "Litanies Of Desire"

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DENSE VISION SHRINE "Litanies Of Desire"
  • Album: Litanies Of Desire
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

If in ARCANE ART I had troubles in understanding the music... well, here I notice for the second time (after a bombastic debut) a great music for film, very dark and kind of a gothic drama... rated somewhere at Horror and Thriller category. Everything is instrumental, based on various effects, echoes and shadows and it is highly professional executed inducing an ambiguous mood but a fascinating and terrifying atmosphere as well! This material is even more introverted than the previous one and I think that, thanks to its mystical enthralling aura, it deserves all your attention, an audition in solitude, far away from mundane activities, worries or other feelings. This is a genuine sample of veritable Dark Ambient dedicated to all who adore COPH NIA, LUSTMORD or PROTAGONIST.