Der Blaue Reiter "Nuclear Sun"

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Der Blaue Reiter "Nuclear Sun"
  • Album: Nuclear Sun
  • Year: 2009
  • Label: Black Rain
  • Artist: 
  • Spain

Sathorys and Lady Nott returned on the Dark Ambient market with a new album, more cinematic than the previous ones, with a more emphasized NeoClassical side, dominated by imposing Martial rhythms and sad atmosphere.

What they detail in these new songs is The Cernobal catastrophe’s topic, having inserted in the arrangements’ sequences many passages belonging to classical or Russian-speaking proletarian music, noises and tangled effects, complex percussions and apocalyptical aura. Such an album could be perceived at their real value only on stage, because the visual line-up is extremely important, the music entering at its best resonance with the various images of the disaster which took place 23 years ago in Ukraine.

If you enjoy PUISSANCE or SOPHIA, I am convinced that this material will also excite you, especially because there’s melody in its full bloom. Another extra is the inspired usage of piano which expands a more solemn dimension, oppressive, sometimes interrupted by a heartbreaking violin, which offers a more grandiose and Dark form, impossible to express through words. The only minus might be the vocals, which don’t really harmonize with the sound, the lack of inflexions transforming the so-called singing in mere speech, enumerations or flat verse arrays.

I know that this is the stylistic level in Dark Martial but I expected Sathonys to break these barriers, unstated, yet so avidly practiced by almost all bands belonging to this genre, the same way he did with the whole instrumentation.