DESTROYER 666 "Cold Steel... For An Iron Age"

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DESTROYER 666 "Cold Steel... For An Iron Age"
  • Album: Cold Steel... For An Iron Age
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Australia

Until now I found no interest in what these Australians made even if their quotation was a very high one especially due to the last album "Phoenix Rising". Their latest release is beyond any expectation; the mixture of brutal rapid and epic Black Metal is excellently interpreted. I even experience nostalgia since it reminds me of "Blood, Fire, Death" or "Hammerheart" BATHORY's famous albums! The guitars' fastness and voice's aggressiveness moves epic Black Metal into Speed Thrash Death Metal sphere, extremely primitive and violent. All in all, this is an album with nothing new yet full of a certain force that harmoniously exhales symmetric waves of plain energy and dynamism! Therefore...Epic Fast Raw Black Metal...quite a weird choice but thriving as well!