DEVLIN "Grand Death Opening"

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DEVLIN "Grand Death Opening"
  • Album: Grand Death Opening
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Marcus Ehlin had planed from long time ago to release a solo album but it seems like SIEBENBURGEN has always captivated his full attention. Well, he finally made room in his life and produced, at the beginning of 2002, a demo that impressed Napalm. I've listened and listened to the album for some times and still found not that "sparkle". It is about a Dark Gothic Metal with a throaty voice (a CREMATORY kind) melting with a nice female one rather not quite belonging to the Metal picture, plenty of rhythm, a bombastic atmosphere created on keyboard and modest simplistic guitars basis, in lack of brilliant interludes. A quality execution, so is the sound, a satisfactory mixing...and this should be all. You might enjoy this Atmospheric Metal as resulted because it is pretty en vogue and after all it doesn't bother. As far as originality is concerned, Marcus' project could receive a high mark but this doesn't go as well for the strength or expressiveness...since there is something rather too dried out. Frankly, this is real!