DIABOLIC "Subterraneal Magnitude"

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DIABOLIC "Subterraneal Magnitude"
  • Album: Subterraneal Magnitude
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • United States

Inside last two Kogaionon issues, I wrote about this famous American band. If "city Of The Dead" MCD and "Supreme Evil" CD showed all Death Metal fans the five musicians are good at studio job, the new tracks bring nothing spectacular or different. I even noticed that the aggressive grace note is fading despite of such demonic voice and the drums which rhythms' changeability give creeps. I cannot surely know the impact that these new compositions provoke, but I assume that even DIABOLIC fans would prefer, soon after listening to the album, to return to their first tracks. Why so?! More simple than never: Without inspiration and imagination, there is no evolution even if, unfortunately, continuity might exist, in this style-born 15 years ago, when Schuldiner or Benton were even breaking the eardrums of the most fervid Thrash fans. "Subterraneal Magnitude" shall be an album with big sales, thanks to the fact it is about an American Death, with a specific layout for such style, dark lyrics, dynamism and a lot of brutality. Fashionable or not, death Metal did not die...at least not for all of us. DIABOLIC, P.O. BOX 9689, Tampa, FL. 33674-9689, USA.