DIMENSION F3H "Does The Pain Excite You?"

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DIMENSION F3H "Does The Pain Excite You?"
  • Album: Does The Pain Excite You?
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Morfeus decided in 2000 to start a new project beside LIMBONIC ART, so in 2003 he succeeded into releasing at Hammerheart a worldly well received debut, named "Reaping the World Winds". Four years of silence followed and now, after several changes among the members, Morfeus, Motvind, Mr. Moe and Arghamon are releasing the long awaited new chapter. Can you imagine the rumours about this project due to the fact that Morfeus already represents a name on the Norwegian Metal scene and every move he makes can be perceived as a marketing smash? I wasn't impressed by this album as I was waiting for much more, knowing the Norwegian's talent. Approaching an atmospheric Black Metal, very melodic and rhythmic, with Electro elements brightly played by a bombastic keyboard, plus explosive guitar riffs and diverse voices, DIMENSION F3H proves us they know how to play, they manage into sounding good, but there's nothing more than that.