DIMENSION F3H "Reaping The World Winds"

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DIMENSION F3H "Reaping The World Winds"
  • Album: Reaping The World Winds
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Probably what THE KOVENANT accomplished during the last couple of years has become a factual example for many. If LIMBONIC ART has been put under ice for good, well, Morfeus seemed to have decided to continue his activity throughout this new band, which is more atmospheric or avant-garde than the former. I'd say that the approach of Black Metal is now rather fresher more rhythmical, more Heavy and domestic, which means: more accessible! Therefore, rather on a KING DIAMOND structure (the backing vocals are pretty much similar!), full of entertaining keyboards and Space/Electro effects, Morfeus develops a modern Metal with both clear and screaming vocals, tribal/oriental influences, female vocals echo-like (Anette/MANDYLION), some interesting riffs and a puzzle-like drum machine. I'd say that all technical details connected with the recordings are of superlative so that this debut deserves all the credit and appreciation. Nesmoht's voice potential (ARCH NEMESIS) simply impresses while the gifted drum player, Stian (PAGAN'S MIND, TRIVIAL ACT), proves that battery can play sometimes the most important part inside the sound synergism, which by the way is one of first rate. Well, it is known that Morfeus initially pictured this project as a solo one and a non-Metal one...but it happened that the result was so much different. Well, I'd say we should stay tuned for the next material, which is about ready!