DISMAL "Dionisiaca"

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DISMAL "Dionisiaca"
  • Album: Dionisiaca
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: BEYOND
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

This was quite an honest surprise! The theatric obscure epic line hallows the entire glacial avant-garde atmosphere that was created by an abundant keyboard and a majestic piano...the female voices join the male clear low ones as well as the screamed and extreme ones...there are sad melancholic guitars' tunes, the violin, cell the bass...everything sounds so depressive and Dark on a Doom Metal background perfectly outlined! Although the music is so diverse, from time to time it gets annoying, yet the final result is rather positive if taking in account we deal with a band with no discography. I only could recall a CD demo, "Our Sad Saga", the promo "The Holy Prayer Of Shatephyn..." or "Fiaba Lacrimevole". "A Venere" is an exquisite track with a bleak atmosphere that solely seldom emits optimistic rays so that a strange sensation of a new inner fulfillment appearance is given birth...a forgotten feeling for me lately. It is a pity we can only enjoy four tracks but I promise you a keep my mind posted on a whole album coming from this Italian quartet. The artwork of the digi-pack impels for meditation and inward orientation in perfect harmony with DISMAL dimension! Well...an intriguing challenge...
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