DISMEMBER "The Imaginary Direction of Time"

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DISMEMBER "The Imaginary Direction of Time"
  • Album: The Imaginary Direction of Time
  • Year: 2004
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Again Death Metal coming from these legendary musicians! Well, we talk here about their eighth album and it seems like they haven't changed a bit! I don't know if it is quite ok to overlook from an evaluative perspective as if so... I wouldn't understand why DISMEMBER still exists... since the new tracks are as old as the previous ones as far as the approach is regarded... and maybe as old as the ones conceived 15-16 years ago... It is just that now they are executed and mixed better. I have listened to the album twice and found nothing interesting! Only aggressiveness, violence and speed! I suppose that all the four years of silence shall be regarded in relation with the new album! But... after that... what kind of DISMEMBER albums will we prefer to listen to? Well, for me, only the first ones! In other terms, I guess you have no doubts... this is a first rate Death Metal!