Divercia "Cycle Of Zero"

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Divercia "Cycle Of Zero"
  • Album: Cycle Of Zero
  • Year: 2004
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Some of you accused me I gave great credit to a band that had nothing interesting to show when I made an interview with these Finns. I tell you now I really believed in that debut, "Modus Operandi" and I had great expectations for the second album to confirm my belief. Well...this is a great disappointment! DIVERCIA preferred to mix melodic Metal with a kind of Metal HIM performs...so that there is nothing left to pick up! In other words, the new album is even more Heavy and aggressive than the previous both in instruments and vocals! There some parts in which a clear outstanding voice reminds me of that glorious LOST IN TWILIGHT, which pleasantly touched me years ago. It seems that, in hunger of more and more popularity, DIVERCIA has put aside its own identity, its own sound and decided to simply be a clone of bands like: SENTENCED, HIM, TO/DIE/FOR, NIGHTWISH in order to gain fans from both sides: Commercial and underground Melodic Metal. To me...DIVERCIA is now rather too disco for my Underground feeling and too noisy for a commercial audition in HIM or THE 69 EYES type! Not to say that the screamed vocals are by far too embarrassing! Apart from what I said I should add: the atmosphere is pretty specific to those of Finnish Metal Bands. Pleasant and tonic enough. The video included has "the merit" of outlining the superficiality of this new musical concept of the Finns.