Divercia "Modus Operandi"

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Divercia "Modus Operandi"
  • Album: Modus Operandi
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Well, yes, this was quite an exquisite surprise coming from modern Metal commercial side! In better words, can you imagine a band which successfully and inspiring merges NIGHTWISH, DIMMU BORGIR and HIM? I am not a disciple of bombastic very rhythmic and commercial sound, but when there is something made with talent, I cannot but appreciate it. Therefore here we have: imposing keyboard (in NIGHTWISH manner), extremely Heavy guitars, a clear and potent voice (in HIM style), and rhythms passing from Gothic to Black Metal...all is mighty, harmonious and more than melodic. I do remember I received the band's first MCD, three years ago, when their banner was LOST IN TWILIGHT, a material I quite praised in "Kogaionon".
On this album, are featured lent tracks with a ballad aura and Jyri Aarniva's Pop Rock voice (another kind of David Bowie) actually overflies impressively the entire sound. The last three tracks seem to belong to a distinct chapter as the voice transforms itself here and there in a Black Metal one, the rhythm increases and it is easy to remark that it is about a Finnish sound as inspiring sources were NIGHTWISH, SENTENCED or SONATA ARCTICA...and I might go even further up to DIMMU BORGIR or THE KOVENANT. I wasn't enchanted by DIVERCIA's Black sound, but let's be indulgent as we still speak of a debut! Desire for stylistic colourfulness impregnates any band artistic life, especially if this band is eager to reach a high-speed success! It is impossible for this album not to make waves and I am sure the entire metallic mass media shall see DIVERCIA as "masculine" version of NIGHTWISH. And I tell you there is good reason for such...because, in spite of an extremely commercial and trendy sound, the voice is indeed, inedited!