DIVINE MUZAK "En-trance (tape)"

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DIVINE MUZAK "En-trance (tape)"
  • Album: En-trance (tape)
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: BESTIAL
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

As long as the project conceptually belongs to Dan Serbanescu, you can only imagine that the music is in ARCHAOS style which is Dark Ambient. I never felt thrilled by ARCHAOS although their music seems to have gained respect in Romania and this is a joy for me. As far as DIVINE MUZAK is concerned, the facts seem to be the same, perhaps a little more knotty and not at all Gothic Rock since Noise-Industrial note has the most significant task in building the effects. The whole sound is elaborated and performed on computer while mixing the voices is just another torment Dan puts us through. I started to discover as well tribal-ethno echoes and the exotic wave mixed with cosmic shades and church choirs simply sends to my ear a shy mood of meditation.

It doesn't sound bad yet neither kicks one's ass. It is possible to be too "soft" synthetic for my taste such sound but this is not a reason not to listen to "En-trance". Deep inside such music there is one single step between quality and reject while the final result can only be disclosed by the very mood once created. You are welcome to skim through by yourselves the 13-th sequences and see where you can get: if you place yourselves back where you came from, then, I assume you just lost your time. If you find yourselves confused and lost somewhere in an intangible unknown, then it surely means DIVINE MUZAK "stroke" you.