DOMINION III "Life Has Ended Here"

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DOMINION III "Life Has Ended Here"
  • Album: Life Has Ended Here
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

This is another surprise, even if half disclosed, coming from the person behind Tharen's designation. In other words, it is about the one who keeps alive projects like DARGGARD or AMESTIGON. Right after "The Hand and The Sword" debut, in 2000, Tharen conceives another seven sequences besides Elisabeth Toriser and Jorg Lanz. The material is a sample of avant-garde dark Wave or-to be more precise-depressing melancholic and full of melodiousness Industrial Electronic. Tharen's demonic voice is surrendered by Elisabeth' innocent affectionate one, the keyboard creates a fairy mood, but in the same time there is a sombre atmosphere as well... Jorg's guitar introduces an extreme Metal well controlled by the electronic battery's tunes... and I don't know for sure why... but the album simply made me feel alive again! This is no better than the debut, I'd say it is even more inaccessible but, following a similar direction as on the former one, Tharen actually succeeds entering a new sound identity for DOMINION III -probably as indented- and here are some of Austrian Black Metal, some of Viennese Dark Wave (DARGGARD, DVKE, GRABESMOND). If you got pleasure from the first album, I suppose it is practically impossible not be surprised by this new opus as there are: rhythm, melody, discharging energy, some resemblances with DEPECHE MODE especially when the male voice turns into a clear low imposing one ("Conductors Of Life")... everything is fresh new modern and surrounded by a mystical darken aura!