DOMINION "Treshold-A Retrospective"

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DOMINION "Treshold-A Retrospective"
  • Album: Treshold-A Retrospective
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

Much to my surprise, I've never shared a word about this band. Peaceville let me find out that, at the beginning of the 90's this band left a mark on the Metal scene back then, making two albums and recording them at the legendary Academy studio. Moreover, Aaron Stainthorpe/MY DYING BRIDE was a guest on their first release "Interface". Michelle Richfield's voice brings ANATHEMA or ANTIMATTER to my mind, while Danny North reminds me of SEAR...

If I continue and tell you also that Bill Law resembles MY DYING BRIDE (I refer to their most uninspired album), then you can imagine that DOMINION has been a less talented and fortunate band which hasn't brought out anything remarkable, even if they existed in the same time frame as ANATHEMA and MY DYING BRIDE did (their time of glory we may say). The intricate Metal they are performing might be an explanation for all that, as it shades plenty of Death, Atmospheric, Hardcore, Punk and Power elements... We have a mix of several tracks from the two albums along with others that have never been released, plus a long story of the band's existence. Except the feminine voice that stands for itself, all is fade and deserted. Even though the band ceased to exist, I am sure some will find this post DOMINION tribute interesting. Not in my case.