Dordeduh "Dar de Duh"

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Dordeduh "Dar de Duh"
  • Album: Dar de Duh
  • Year: 2012
  • Label: PROPHECY
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

DORDEDUH (RO)-"Dar de Duh" CD '12 (8 tracks, 77 min)


I probably haven't written more than 2-3 reviews this year, because motivation dilutes day by day, free time is close to nonexistent thus becoming extremely precious, and the inspirational landmarks keep fading in the multitude of bands and mediocre discography release. But I really missed writing of beautiful albums – the kind of works capable of imprinting consciences, change ways of thinking and shape senses.

Well, as I am extremely subjective and vertical towards what I feel, believe and say, I have been waiting for a long time (like you) for the final version of an album that was expected to come into existence a long time ago. But things stagnated due to the trap set by the band's own studio combined with their obsession for perfection. Like so DORDEDUH ended up stretching the chord of patience at a maximum… Thankfully, everything is ready now, the album is due to be released on 28th of September and the band is about to start a full European tour… I hope everything will turn out fine, just the way they deserve it, because DORDEDUH are indeed complete artists, modest people - friendly towards anybody who wants to be around them.

The last album turns out to be a delicious trip, a unique introspection, an emotional story filled with diversity and concept… The artwork concept is not finalized yet, but I can assure you it will be something special as nothing is random in this life… Or this is what I like to firmly believe.

But let's see where the new 8 sequences take me…

After a heavy 3 minutes intro imprinted with an impressive dark feelings, that ends up throwing the listener (auto suggested or not) in a timeless galaxy, Edmond utters: "And the first gift was silence"... After that, the volcano erupts, the storm begins. I don't know what it is actually: fury, madness, massacre… extremely violent Black Metal, super fast and deafening that takes me back to times long gone, when Black Metal was blending conceptual mystique, in an extreme, but honest manner. I'm talking about minutes of incredible intensity, of force and apocalyptic unleashed fury. In this whorlwind one feels how energies activate themselves within the body, one get goose bumps and the appetite for mystical and transcendental travels unravels. It's something you know, remember, altought it happened long, long time ago. Collecting influences from the old EMPEROR or COVENANT debut (band that changed its name into THE KOVENANT) and to the killer ALTAR OF PLAGUES, FAUNA or WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM riffs, DORDEDUH begins its journey in wonder with "Dar De Duh", an incredible story, filled with stylistic reverses, unique semantic blendings of power, harmony and beauty.

"Jind de Tronuri" is the expression of an incontestable metamorphosis extracted from the past, present and, I wish to believe, the future of these talented musicians. We have around 14 extremely varied minutes, from authentic Black Metal to the pure, jolly folklore parts that steal a relaxed and serene smile, at the end of the song! Edmond's voice inflexions are also extremely present and the listener can recognize weary growls or clean spoken vocals that come in strident or "warm and dreamy" shapes. Apart from that we can hear a pronounced bass, drums played atypically but technical, keyboard used to emphasis the dark dimension… plus those traditional (folkloric) instruments we kept seeing throughout the musical history presented by the artists, NEGURA BUNGET.

"Flacararii" is a song that reminds me of the glorious times when Jimmy, Edmond and Gabi took the world by storm after they released an unique album that ended up carving a place in Black Metal history – I'm talking about "OM". Most likely every review of this song will point into this direction and equate it with "OM". This will probably be the operational but workable comparision through which the DORDEDUH debut album will be evaluated. For me it's wrong, but each is free to write or comment in his own way.

This is a Black Metal song with a remarkable Epic print that brings rhythm breaks, and aggressiveness in the most primitive shape combined with atmospheric passages, filled with melodic moment brought on by the abundant keyboard use. I can also sense here Progressive Metal aromas inserted with much carefulness, neatly grafted in a very original way.

After this song, comes the "something" capable of throwing me into a shapeless and dimensionless void, without time or expression landmarks…  "E-na-na" is a atypical, mystical sequence, with esoteric accents…  here, introspection reaches its peak, everything seems to come out from another world, everything actually happens in another world, I don't know if it's one parallel to our existence or not. But the song, besides the unique savor, allows the listener's intuition to fly… "Casa Raiurilor" is a name that comes from Sumerian, known and used throughtout world most of the times as Inanna. It represents an interesting concept that revolves around the theme of Iele, or "the beautiful ones" – the name the spirits baring roots are given in different regions in the country. These spirits are known for abduct their seduced victims. The lyrics speak for themselves:

"Vantoasele, vartoase,

Din suier invartejit descoase,

Pe dragaicele frumoase.  

Mandre soimarite,

Cu gurite aurite,

Spun cuvinte naucite…  

Mandre soimarite,

Cu gurite aurite.

Cu glas vrajit ademeneste

Si feciorii mi-i rapeste.  

Cu ochi ceresc ii rotesc cararea

Si-i se asterne naucire,  

Si furtuna mintea-i sufla

In ochiul stramb ce-si fura calea.  

Din ochi ceresti i-astern cararea

Si-i se-nalta multanire, 

De-acum gand curat ii sufla-n minte

Prin ochiul drept hotarniceste calea."  

After over 8 minutes of introspection, the musicians return to their classic style, "Calea Rotilor de Foc" is a new Black Metal sample that mixes Pagan accents, alternating between the intense "chainsaw" (in the first part) and "dreamy" scores filled with atmosphere and meditative references… But yes, 12 interesting minutes! 

"Pandarul" seem to be a track where the Epic dimension blends with ethno, Folk, traditional samples, highlighting especially the blowing instruments which sound extraordinarily! Whistle, pipe and whatever else, all these instruments leave you breathless for a couple of minutes… actually, the listener exits real time and everything gravitating around us. I love the way Ovi plays the drums, but also the way the song's structure has been cut… it is, by far, the most tangled and experimental sequence from the album, with references to many Metal and Non-Metal styles, that explore the unlimited universe of these musicians…

I remember I mentioned last year the fact that the album's concept gravitates around the number 7: 

The two tracks presented on the debut EP follow, "Zuh" and "Cumpat", but they sound somewhat different from what I was familiar to.

I want to mention that "Zuh" has a totally different aura that emanates a fabulous energy, a multidimensional force of overwhelming intensity! In this mountain thunder, in this storm of extreme expression, I find collected and shared with everyone the whole DORDEDUH essence: a unique EMOTION charged with substance, mystery, introspection! There's a lot of disquietude, a lot of suffering, sadness… But, at the same time, a fight for survival, gratitude, reconciliation, fulfillment… and maybe a well deserved place in the "lodge of real spirits", because they proved Black Metal is more than a musical religion… 

The track has concentrated in 14 minutes the artists' feeling concerning the year that has ended, with its ups and downs, with fury but also reconciliation. I can't help but be amazed of how  intensely expressed are the feelings, as well as delicately and deeply… The song is, it seems, an incantation that unleashes absolutely everything, an explosion we see, feel and share, after years of more or less controlled implosions which, in the end, brought on the creation of a song which, at least for me, is an unique jewel!

Remember that after  I listened to EP "Zuh" version, right after the Secret Chiefs 3 concert in Alba Iulia, where I met up with the musicians, I told Edmond that there is also something I don't like in this song - they overused the keyboard. It seemed too atmospheric for what I felt should be happening there. Well, considering the way the songs sounds now, I can do nothing but bow humbly! Respect!

The last track, "Dojana" is completely atypical, but people already know it. I believe, it will be the album's "logo", because of the bombastic folkloric approach and incontestable epic dimension. The song is a delight due to the alpenhorns that race the cymbal and toaca thus outlining an authentic traditional universe, where Edmond calmly utters words, being somehow reconciled with everything that happened so far. Lyrics to the song are truly fascinating, capable of awaking consciences… "to thrive in perseverance, to forge in good fit".

A spectacular album with a crystal clear sound, I'm sorry for not being able to enjoy the artwork (to embrace wholly the concept), but I hope this thing will be made public as soon as possible.

I understood that Sergio Ponti participated on the album with some percussion, I don't know other details right now, but surely they will follow soon. And I know that, after DBE 4, the artists will climb up to the mountains to film a video, which I wholeheartedly expect. Congratulations, DORDEDUH, this album is really BIG!