DORNENREICH "Durch Den Traum"

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DORNENREICH "Durch Den Traum"
  • Album: Durch Den Traum
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: PROPHECY
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

Eviga didn't give up after loosing Moritz, an exceptional drummer, and recorded a new album alongside Valnes (co-founder of the band) and Michael Stein (drums, percussion).

Meanwhile Valnes also left the band, but the album got to be finished. Even though it sounds original, DORNENREICH does not succeed into finding cadenza and the combination of Black Metal with Experimental, Neo-Folk and Ambient seems incomplete to me, something, somewhere is definitely missing. It is a sequel to the previous album, yet somehow barren and garbled. The sound of the battery and guitars brings BURZUM to my mind, meaning a raw and Primitive Black Metal, slow and interrupted, with the synth used in the background veiling the sound; still, the voice is far different of Varg's, it rather sings than yells and all lyrics are in German, while the acoustic fragments give me the sense of a copy-paste process, better said they seem another kind of "Filosofem". The guitars' harshness intelligently contrasts with the atmospheric synth, but I doubt that is sufficient enough. At least that's my sense over this new album!