DRACONIAN "Arcane Rain Fell"

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DRACONIAN "Arcane Rain Fell"
  • Album: Arcane Rain Fell
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

A very interesting album! Not because of the conception, but because of the atmosphere... MY DYING BRIDE's fans will be able to savour in silence this successful demonstration of Dark Doom Death, melancholic, depressive and decadent. If I would tell you that this album made me think about a new number of the magazine? About the album I didn't write words of praise because "Where Lovers Mourn" was a modest, shy step and without personality. The new sequences store in them another kind of energy, that gives out a mystic aura and if we go on the texts' thread, we discover themes that gravitate round the falling/decadence of angels. Even if they were founded in 1994 under the name KERBEROS, the Swedens haven't had a path full of success and I'm afraid they will have no chance of victory after this album either. The Doom Death approached by the seven ones is a complex one, absolutely not original, with male voices, clear but modest female voices, abundant keyboard/synth, long, an extremely slow rhythm, heavy guitars, drums, bass... it is some kind of gloomy grey, that perfectly matches with what can be seen on the cover. I am asking myself: why didn't they release this album some years ago? I am sure it would have had abundant reviews... today, when everybody looks for rhythm, colour, energy, dynamism (and I refer to the trend), DRACONIAN comes with a Dark Gothic Metal which focuses on only a few nostalgics of the passed times... Fortunately for me, I found myself too in this old universe, often forgotten by a lot of people, but which defeated me again. And the re-recording of the song "Death, Come Near Me", the longest track of the album (15min), but also the most popular song of the band, develops a exceptional Epic orientation!!! If we look at the album on the whole, it is a little bit upon the average, with a lot of monotonous and identical sequences, but with other impressive ones. Technical detail: as a special guest we find Ryan Henry, from the American band NECARE.