DRACONIAN "The Burning Halo"

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DRACONIAN "The Burning Halo"
  • Album: The Burning Halo
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

The seven Swedes kept my interest from their very beginning with "Where Lovers Mourn", a beautiful Doom Death Metal album! Furthermore, "Arcane Rain Fell" album is also great, structured around the same concept of contrasts, where the masculine vocal is finely enhanced through slow, acoustic frames, and there is also a fragile feminine voice present. This new CD is a sum of earlier tracks, from the times when they didn't have a contract, along with several covers and some new pieces.

I enjoyed listening to this album (maybe "album" isn't the proper term for it) and, even though it is all a marketing artifice for making some extra money on DRACONIAN behalf and also for keeping the band's fans aroused, I consider this album has to be listened! The piano sounds very clear, the keyboards veil the entire atmosphere, the voices combination is a fine one, the slow guitars generate accentuated and grave riffs, everything sounds perfect; this Gothic Doom Metal is a high quality one, even though the originality is missing.