DRACONIAN "Where Lovers Mourn"

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DRACONIAN "Where Lovers Mourn"
  • Album: Where Lovers Mourn
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Hard times this band had to experience so far! Although it was founded nine years ago, DRACONIAN has only last year signed with a label. Probably the waiting was worth it since Napalm is actually a target for each band which desires for promotion in the most professional manner. Dark Romantic Gothic Doom Metal with throaty male vocals and angelic female ones and that should be all about their style. To be more precise, it is a kind of earlier THEATRE OF TRAGEDY mixed with TRISTANIA and some shades of BESEECH as well having as backbone a contrasting concept, aggressiveness and a bombastic atmosphere as well. There is nothing new, nothing special but a pleasant audition. We can say that the first track, "The Cry Of Silence", is the most elaborated and complex with a length of 12 minutes. The other tracks are rather superficial, somehow "not-finished" and even boring from time to time. In a plastic description the Swedes' music would sound like this: a musty band willing to release a Gothic Metal album for some good years now and finally succeeding to see the dream come true. Unfortunately, the release was too much time delayed so that the album is just about to be "out of time and place". There are: abundant keyboards, flute tunes, violins, dynamic guitar, explosive drums and a clear accurate sound... I'd say that practically we have here the whole package a band would need to strike to Gothic Metal scene. It is obvious that the album was well taken care of both in conception and execution and the seven musicians' efforts were remarkable. It is a pity that the inspiration part is missing! However I consider this material a flourishing debut!