DRASTIQUE "Pleasureligion"

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DRASTIQUE "Pleasureligion"
  • Album: Pleasureligion
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

After a small debut already forgotten, the Italians have changed both the name and line-up of the band so that in this trio formula (Mahavira/ex-ENSOPH, Chris and Fay), they try to step on TRISTANIA and SIRENIA's tracks or to follow other Gothic Black Metal versions. Well, featuring some LIMBONIC ART influences, the three musicians open up an atmospheric album based on keyboard/piano and heavy guitars! Another interesting part of the band is constituted in the vocals since both the inflections and contrasts gradation actually develops a nice narrative landscape (sometimes even opera-like) that preserves a certain authenticity to the sound. The drums parts are very simple, yet "modest" should be the most appropriate term and I must say neither the rhythms are too much of skilfulness. It seems to be an album pretty ok as far as technical details are regarded but in lack of expression and strength so that it would be on the first places on top. There is as well a harsh and dark cover for "Maria Magdalena"/SANDRA, a track I hardly recognized since the vocals are at least sinister! But I let you anyway the chance to explore how to dance this tune in DRASTIQUE version.