DRAUTRAN "Throne Of The Depths"

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DRAUTRAN "Throne Of The Depths"
  • Album: Throne Of The Depths
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

I remember that some years ago the Germans have sent me their self-released debut album "Unter dem Banner der Nordwide". I've enjoyed that material, as it seemed a well conceived debut. Well, we are now dealing with a new album, professional, much more bombastic and atmospheric than the debut, saturated on background keyboard, plus a yield voice, both natural and unbelievably violent (alike the first IN THE WOODS... album), whispers, incantations, lent fragments with plenty of Dark elements... what to say, a very inspired Black Metal album, with distinct tracks, contoured on a sound presenting some very aggressive and rapid sequences. There is no classical touch, you can hardly resemble it to something you've listened to before, it is rather a mixture of Black influences (Northern ones especially) expressed in their own view. I think that the album deserves plenty of attention especially as there are long times since I've last listened to such a complex Black Metal material!