DRILLER KILLER "Cold, Cheap and Disconnected"

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DRILLER KILLER "Cold, Cheap and Disconnected"
  • Album: Cold, Cheap and Disconnected
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: OSMOSE
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Holy Moses.... what a mess!!! Core, Punk, Metal, Hard Core... violence, brutality, fastness...nothing to move me for this period of my life! I suppose this is an experiment started many years ago and this is an album of highest anger in the band's history! I am sure that, during live performances, the aggressive voice along with the amazing guitar can incite the public to shake hair, destroy everything and jump in the mass...really I can picture this. But I find at least difficult to comment such sound yet if you ever come near DRILLER KILLER' gig... just make sure you have a safe place to stay away from fans' madness, otherwise the BIOHAZARD entertaining rhythms and voice like... might transmit Metallic vibrations all surrounding you and, all of a sudden, unexpectedly fast, your presence could fade away... I guess it is appreciable the explosion of such energy discharged by DRILLER KILLER's tunes!!!