DRUDKH "Blood In Our Wells"

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DRUDKH "Blood In Our Wells"
  • Album: Blood In Our Wells
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: SUPERNAL
  • Artist: 
  • Ukraine

Another album from the mysterious Ucranian project, no. 4! The truth is that we are dealing with this band's utter explosive, powerful, inspired and complex material, the one that brilliantly enhances the cosmic/astral dimension! I know this band was formed by two HATE FOREST members, that they onset nationalistic themes, promote elitistic concepts and take no interest into interviews or talking about their music... other than through the music itself! I haven't had listened in a long time to such a complex album, one that is based on an extreme underground Black Metal structure, but entwines other musical elements, all Metal, starting with Heavy and getting to Melodic or Atmospheric! Still, the guitar riffs leave no fresh air for the sound, we have an endless infernal blatancy and the aggressive voice arises BURZUM to my mind! As a matter of fact, several lines remind me "Aske" and the times when Black Metal used to be solely an elitist musical concept, approached in a serious manner by some artists determined to explore nonpopular themes! We have a high quality recording, the mixing brings the guitars to the first line, but the best audition is to be made by headphones, because we are dealing with many background elements and a simple listening could only reveal a massive noisy infernum! The tracks are quite long, some of them approach Folk issues, but considering the fact it is a nationalistic concept floating on lost Slav culture (alike NOKTURNAL MORTUM or GRAVELAND do), they couldn't have missed this detail. All lyrics are in Slav so only they can get to know the meaning. Moreover, the album's booklet is excellent, proving once again Alex Kurtagic's/Supernal Music talent. Even if there is nothing original about this sound, I couldn't help enjoying to listen to this elegant sample of pure Black Metal! A real jewel for those valuing conceptual Black Metal!