DRUDKH "Forgotten Legends"

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DRUDKH "Forgotten Legends"
  • Album: Forgotten Legends
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: SUPERNAL
  • Artist: 
  • Ukraine

The members of HATE FOREST founded this project in 2002 and they already released their debut. Moreover, right at the beginning of this year they released the second album. But let's stick with the debut: amazing Depressive Black Metal in the style of all bands who come from No Color Records... or perhaps a different kind of SHINING! There are many influences from HATE FOREST and from HADES or BURZUM as well. This is an interesting album, in lack of too many new elements but very pleasing to the ear of someone who actually loves extreme sonorities, in old style. The musicians desire to keep their identities secrete... therefore do not hurry searching for interviews or else!