DWELLING "Ainda E Noite"

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DWELLING "Ainda E Noite"
  • Album: Ainda E Noite
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Portugal

The third album of the Portuguese is also the most nostalgic one, as the Neo - Classical dimension is perfectly enhanced by two superb violins and a sublime classic guitar. Aside that, the Ethereal touch is also present and Catarina Raposo's voice oscillates between dramatic and romantic, atmospheric and jazzy... in fact, the scents of Jazz are inspiringly emphasized also by the eleven tracks' calm and melodious accords. I now realize that the bass also sounds beautiful, as it is the sole low tonality instrument and it brings equilibrium to this special sound! Obviously this music has nothing to do with Metal, Dark Wave or other Ambient styles! Everything gravitates around classical music, yet the touch of these six musicians makes the style original, full of personality and warmth!