ECLIPSE "The Act Of Degradation"

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ECLIPSE "The Act Of Degradation"
  • Album: The Act Of Degradation
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: BLACKEND
  • Artist: 
  • Poland

Chors and Daamr perform a computerized Death Metal extremely violent and complex since "Dorsacharms Venomous Colours" is a very well quoted one for the last three years. In the meanwhile, there were some attempts for changes in line-up, yet finally the two musicians remained in the same formula to record these new tracks. The explosive Black Metal is much more technical, more intricate while many parts can even be compared with EMPEROR and the atmosphere as well awards a fantastic energy so that the entire album seems attentively and with dexterity conceived. Sincerely I enjoyed a lot this new chapter of ECLIPSE and I believe it would be quite a loss if they stopped here. Although there is nothing innovative, ECLIPSE proves being capable of playing Black Metal in a very professional line of attack and this has nothing to do with the fact of choosing for a computerized one while programming substitutes an entire we still live in a whole new millennium!