EILERA "Fusion"

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EILERA "Fusion"
  • Album: Fusion
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: SPINEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • France

Unbelievable: the Finnish label now promotes a French band! That's quite rare! After "Facettes" demo and "Precious Moment" EP, Eilera and Loic Tezenas officially released the debut that will certainly quake the Metal scene! Eilera's voice is crystalline, clear, and mighty but also melancholic, reminding me about the impact Anneke's voice (THE GATHERING) had on "Mandylion". The mix of Gothic, Melodic, Atmospheric with Celtic and Electronic elements generate a bombastic Metal album in the end, with a perfect sound and an exceptional feminine voice that veils the sonorous realm... truly beautiful are also the cello sequences, especially as some of them are accompanied by electro effects, a combination that's completely innovative for me.

We are dealing with an extremely comprehensible material, bringing a commercial sound, very rhythmic and atmospheric, pleasantly perceived from the very first listening and influenced by many Metal/Rock bands, where the feminine voice does it all... the new element is brought by the continuous use of cello, remarkably mixing Gothic with Celtic!