EISMALSOTT "Best Before: Spring"

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EISMALSOTT "Best Before: Spring"
  • Album: Best Before: Spring
  • Year: 2004
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Florin Dammasch (ENID) explores a new realm throughout a new musical project, more dynamic orientated towards Black Metal but in SUMMONING way! I wouldn't say it is that melodious but nevertheless there are some very slow atmospheric passages with recitals and intonations... I would say it has some roots in ENID as well but, generally speaking, we can talk about aggressive screaming vocals, fast riffs, a connected battery and great violence. Well, the rhythmic gradation confuses me! Nevertheless I noticed two complex and much elaborated tracks getting over various musical styles outlining thus a sound pretty OK. Important is to lay an eye on their debut... as it might surprise many of you!