ELANE "Lore Of Nen"

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ELANE "Lore Of Nen"
  • Album: Lore Of Nen
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: DISTINCT
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

A fairly interesting project, led by Joran Elane, the one that has already released two albums and a CDM. It's a noticeable thing that Elane's line-up also gathers the talented Skaldir, the one that has composed two superb Pagan Folk Black Metal albums under the name HEL. The five members use plenty of instruments, starting with guitars and keyboards, all the way to the violins, clarinet or various percussions. The vocals are multiple too, as the masculine ones and the sopranos gravitate around the folk one, the beautiful and mighty feminine voice of Joran Elane. Therefore, we are dealing with a tranquil Dark Pagan Folk, saturated in Ethereal and Wave elements, very fragile and discreet, rather dreamy than emphatic, it is a meditative and shamanic atmosphere, inspired from the pagan realm of those lands. It is, if you wish, another kind of Andrea Haugen/NEBELHEXE, but more complex and in German version. The CD's booklet is also an elegant one, so all I can say is that "Lore Of Nen" is more than an interesting album!