Elend "A World In Their Screams"

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Elend "A World In Their Screams"
  • Album: A World In Their Screams
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: PROPHECY
  • Artist: 
  • France

I used to think of myself as a huge fan of this project until "Winds Devouring Men" came to light! The Dark Ambient dimension it unveiled has truly confused me, yet I've still waited for "Sunwar The Dead", maybe, may be... But no, this one failed into enlightening me too, so here I am listening to the third chapter from the series of five albums announced years ago that are to be released. What do I disclose within? Madness, violence, torture, peculiarity... These musicians have really deflected! On a bizarre background, ELEND creates a gloomy realm, noisy now and then, where the masculine voices alongside feminine ones oddly blend with the choirs; the instrumentation is both chaotic and disarming... apocalypse seems to be trumped... in fact, the whole album is a ceaseless storm where the violins play their own utterance and the keyboard hampers you, even wraps you up in fear... The sopranos alternate with normal masculine voices, simply narrating or truly terrifying the atmosphere!!! It is one of the most intricate ELEND works, and you certainly have to reach a certain mood in order to unveil the true substance of these latest compositions! "Umbersun" is ELEND's masterpiece in their Gothic Dark Wave Symphonic dimension, but these last eleven tracks represent the Dark Apocalyptic apogee for me. Obviously, none of their albums resembles the others, every single one is distinct, unique... yet ELEND remains ELEND, if we are to consider originality and stylistic identity! I wonder, is it possible for this tornado to be followed by a melancholic chapter? Time will tell...