Elend "The Umbersun"

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Elend "The Umbersun"
  • Album: The Umbersun
  • Year: 1998
  • Label: ORPHIKA
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

This is the most complex and complete album in ELEND’s history! The most loved one by all ELEND fans, despite the unfriendly, intricate and hard to assimilate sound! A perfect album! Released in 1997 at MUSIC FOR NATIONS, the album was poorly promoted from qualitative point of view, despite the chosen label. Therefore, the collaboration was detrimental to all parts, including the listeners. Re-mastered super-professionally, in an elegant digi-pack and with an inspired and detailed artwork, the reissuing of this album now gathers “Overture”, a track that has been conceived in 1997, but never released. This is a collector’s item album, one that no words can describe or rate! The choir together with all Renaud’s and Iskandar’s instruments turn “The Umbersun” into the reference of a music that couldn’t be touched by anyone else, not even imitated! Symphonic, Theatrical, Dramatic, Baroque, Gothic, Aggressive, Violent and also Melodic… an incredible music for completely nonconformist fans! An album not to miss from your collection, released in limited edition, one deserving all the prizes! www.elend-music.org