ELENIUM "For Giving-For Getting"

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ELENIUM "For Giving-For Getting"
  • Album: For Giving-For Getting
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

I have heard about this band in various occasions, I even received a demo CD, a few years ago, with few tracks but a pleasant sound! For this material we have a classical Melodic Death Metal, in Nordic style (maybe more Swedish than else!) often invested with Progressive, Atmospheric or Heavy Metal elements. Vocals oscillate between extreme and clear clean ones; the keyboard is in a rhythmic tandem with the guitars' riffs while the percussion is nothing but an accurate one. The whole material is in lack of originality, innovation... becoming thus just a different kind of SENTENCED, DARK TRANQUILITY or IN FLAMES. I pleasantly have listened to the album but it convinced me not to be any special or different. Maybe you'll get convinced...