ENCHANTMENT "Dance The Marble Naked"

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ENCHANTMENT "Dance The Marble Naked"
  • Album: Dance The Marble Naked
  • Year: 2009
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

The only other album released under this banner came out in 1994, at Century Media. In those times ANATHEMA, MY DYING BRIDE and PARADISE LOST have already given shape to a Doom Death Atmospheric, forming a current called Gothic Metal! This particular quintet was coming from the UK as well, it managed to sign with a label that was huge for the underground scene and announced itself as a serious competitor for the bands mentioned above. There is no point of me talking to you more about an album conceived some 15 years ago; only that it is a masterpiece that must be had by any true, self-respecting Doom listener! “My Oceans Vast” is one of the most beautiful songs of the genre, but it is hard for me to think that those who will listen to it for the first time now will manage to discover its formidable flavour, as today we have thousands of bands slicing up these musical styles. But, who knows… The aggressiveness of Paul’s voice, alternating with clean passages resonates intelligently with Marc’s guitar solos, plus an imposing bass belonging to Mark and another guitar in the background, Steve’s… and the drums (Chris), which aren’t that impressive but nevertheless managing to create a continuous and pleasant rhythm… A superb album, I’d dare say Classic!