ENDRAUM "Es ist ein augen blick."

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ENDRAUM "Es ist ein augen blick."
  • Album: Es ist ein augen blick.
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: IROND
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Well, this is a cult band for Dark Wave scene, an excellent replica to JOY DIVISON. It all began with CRUX ANSATA, in 1986. Then an intense activity followed under Danse Macabre and Weisser Herbst labels. This material is nothing else but the recording of a live performance that took place at the beginning of this year in Moscow , event I definitely am sorry to have missed. Now, when I listen to this material, I sincerely regret my lack of interest for this concert! Anyway, it is difficult to explain what these Germans play, but I think it is a kind of Melancholic, Romantic, Dark, and Wave...all in German! There is a bombastic synth... and finally a magnificent sound! This material is recommended to anyone! Hovi and Roman indeed are some talented musicians and I assure you won't be disappointed if listening to this product! www.endraum.net; www.irond.ru