ENID "Gradwanderer"

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ENID "Gradwanderer"
  • Album: Gradwanderer
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: CODE666
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Absolutely in an elegant manner, Martin's band has succeeded to gain a great big deal of attention during its six years existence even if the sound was placed somehow at the limit where aggressive meets melodic. Their last album is the most poetic and probably most romantic one! Less Metallic, focused on atmosphere/ballad, an affectionate piano with a healthy Classic background, a cantata baritone voice, flute effects and a theatrical atmosphere and from time to time there are some passages with melodic guitars, which unfortunately seem to be rather too noisy, well, with all of that ENID proves again that bands like EMPYRIUM or DVKE were and forever will be guiding marks for such sound, a very expressive sound as a matter of fact! I find very difficult to characterize such music because solely a regular ENID listener could understand where Metal ends and Classic begins! For all old time fans of Metal styles, the album might be overviewed as avant-garde, experimental or simply one without any specific clue or guiding line... It may appear thus as a sum of diverse influences belonging to a wide range of musical styles, which may please but not impress!