ENID "Seelenspiegel"

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ENID "Seelenspiegel"
  • Album: Seelenspiegel
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: CODE666
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

After you found out almost everything that was hidden behind ENID's story (see the interview inside last "Kogaionon"'s issue), now it is time for you to be aware of what Martin and Florian has recently arranged. Well, everything is a fairy tale, fiction, purely fantasy! The clear voice, followed by a synth that imitates almost each every instrument, bestows the album with the status of quite a piece of collection for all who are interested in quality music. I believe it is essential for they had succeeded to definitely detach from SUMMONING influence so that the new sound has finally its own personality and identity. Moreover, the guitars are to be heard more clearly (and they are real!!!) and ENID can at last be numbered as a Metal band even if with avant-garde tints. The new tracks are more complex, more Black Metal with extremely aggressive voices pursuing Martin's baritone one and classical choirs, all featuring epic or medieval elements. I cannot say that the guitar players are capable of presenting a brilliant interpretation in comparison with the magnificent keyboard, but the important thing is that ENID, this time, proves more than a synthetic sound created and performed only by a multi-instrument. As strong points I can enumerate the voices' contrasts, the choirs, and the epic-baroque atmosphere and not at last the skills of Moritz Neuner drummer that accompany the entire sound. We can also enjoy a splendid digipack and I feel to say that the whole lay-out is of a high class. The single disadvantage consists in a rather too pronounced opposition of aggressiveness and fancy atmosphere but, once again, I might be wrong. They define themselves as Metallic Fantasy Art!