ENSIFERUM "Victory Songs"

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ENSIFERUM "Victory Songs"
  • Album: Victory Songs
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: SPIKEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

This is another album that many were eager to listen to, another exquisite material for those fascinated by Epic Folk Viking Metal! Battle Metal may be a better description for it! After two excellently executed albums during more than eight years of activity on the scene, Markus Toivonen's band has experienced major changes in what concerns the members, there was even a rumor about putting an end to it. Well, consequently to an anniversary DVD (ten years of existence), the new ENSIFERUM formula releases a MCD and we are now dealing with a new material, damn fine conceived and interpreted! Heavy, Folk, Melodic, Atmospheric or Viking Metal, throaty voices along choral ones, extremely martial; there are Speed Metal sequences, explosive guitars, bursting battery, a transcendent atmosphere created by the keyboard that enhances the grandiose traditional line, plus particular instruments indispensable for mature bands aiming to ingeniously compound Metal with Folk: bag-pipe, kantel, nyckelharpa or bodhran. It is by far one of the best albums of the genre and, even though the Epic dimension is shadowed from time to time by the Heavy Metal one, the entire album is to be considered an extreme one, as Petri Lindroos aggressive voice is unstoppable during the nine tracks. Therefore, placed on the stylistic verge of bands like SONATA ARCTICA, FINNTROLL or TURISAS, ENSIFERUM certainly is the headliner of this bombastic music style: Battle Metal! And, if I take a moment for a better reasoning, I would come into revealing that the album's title is utterly significant for a truly beautiful work. I would have rated it at the maximum if the Dark scent would have had been valued mightier...