Enslaved "Below The Light"

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Enslaved "Below The Light"
  • Album: Below The Light
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

It was absolutely natural for a band that successfully activates for more than a decade to come up with new elements in its style. In the Norwegians' case, "Monumension" represented the album that actually gave deep thoughts to all involved in Black Metal scene since all Non-Metal potencies practically threw the fans off the scent of what Metal was and fascinated them as well. Well, the new album insists now on that complex Avant-Garde Progressive direction fluctuating between melodic epic tunes and brutal ones. However, it is a Black, Thrash, Heavy Metal... in a genuine new profile in which the rhythm's ruptures seem to rule the sound, the various vocals keep shocking from a passage to another while the other instruments make confusion in the listener's mind. Probably there will be great reviews for this album and mostly thanks to the innovation it brings... Up to my viewpoint, I consider that this new ENSLAVED album actually succeeds not to accurately outline the new musical approach so that, in the most personal way, I think we witness an album of transition for the Norwegian musicians' history. The performance and the recording quality are as usual of first class.