Enslaved "Vertebrae"

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Enslaved "Vertebrae"
  • Album: Vertebrae
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: INDIE
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

The decision of releasing an album with a smaller label seems to have been the right one! A careful promotion, continuous focus, a positive attitude from the pres and, last but not least, a positive reaction from the fans managed to bring this legendary group back into the limelight! ENSLAVED have launched last autumn probably the most mature album from the entire history, successfully balancing the extreme Black Metal with Progressive. I am not surprised that they are not touring with OPETH! There is a possibility that the fans of the more aggressive ENSLAVED to consider this album more soft, as some interludes seem slow and Rock, with vocals that remind of DREAM THEATER. On the other hand, the band might win some fans of the Progressive genre, who could be bothered not necessarily by the Black rhythms but by the throaty voice. Looking at it from this point of view, “Vertebrae” is still confusing when it comes to classifying it: Is it Metal, is it Rock, is it extreme, is it not…? The album does have a very entertaining, dynamic track, probably the catchiest and the most perfected one from the album, “The Watcher”, a track that has a pretty well made video as well. Other than that, classical tracks put together on a melodic Black Metal skeleton, quite technical and very well executed. Although the album is enjoying a great success, I remain with the impression that ENSLAVED is still wondering around between Metal and Rock! Other than that, a special kind of music indeed!