ENTHRAL "Subterranean Movement"

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ENTHRAL "Subterranean Movement"
  • Album: Subterranean Movement
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

This was another promising band (8-9 years ago!) that managed not to sell the music in a proper way. If we take in consideration that their debut was released by the same label that released DIMMU BORGIR, Hot Records to be precise, then you should imagine such a qualitative Black Metal approach they had! One year later they released a new long-long album (over 70 minutes) and from that day...complete silence followed. In the end of year 2002, Displeased announced ENTHRAL with a new material and here they are, coming up this summer with the third material. The four Nordics put across an intelligent mixture of Nordic Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Folk Music, featuring as well some de Atmospheric Doom shades. I think it is notable for the keyboard part to be performed again by Stian Aarstad, ex DIMMU BORGIR member and thus e can still meet bombastic elements and multiple strains. If we have a critical overview, this album, even if well structured and arranged, is nothing... but one of dozens Black Metal ones, pretty similar with what usually Nordic bands perform. It is a pity that after so many years of activity ENTHRAL succeeds not to outline a proper sound, something which actually is a vital element for nowadays success!