ENTHRONED "Carnage in Worlds Beyond"

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ENTHRONED "Carnage in Worlds Beyond"
  • Album: Carnage in Worlds Beyond
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Belgium

The fifth album of famous Belgian Black musicians finally has been released! After series of changes in line-up, from the beginning until right now, (the last one meant replacement of Namroth Blackthorn with Alsvid/SETH), ENHTRONED gathered force to bring up this new material as furious and fast as all the others. In fact, I'd say that the band never abdicated from aggressive Black Metal line in lack of Gothic or melodic parts. The 10 tracks discharge a fantastic energy, the guitars' fastness is remarkable and so is the criminal battery! The voice is demonic brutal full of hate...I don't know what to say...but everything is aggressive, too violent just like on the first IMMORTAL albums...As a great disadvantage I notice tracks' linearity as, at a certain point, there is no chance to distinguish one from another. I am sure that such sound cannot make a difference unless in a live version when besides some pyrotechnical effects the listener might experience the feeling of hell on earth! An irreproachable execution, modest inspiration, classic Black Metal traditional elements...fulminating fastness...and these should be all specific details regarding ENTHRONED new sound!