ENTWINE "DiEversity"

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ENTWINE "DiEversity"
  • Album: DiEversity
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: SPIKEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

After AMORPHIS and recently so popular HIM, the Finnish Rock scene excels in so-called Gothic Metal bands. In fact, it is about a very commercial sound, danceable, with rhythm and vocals almost aggressive...but still keeping the limits, with easy riffs but full of energy, all in all this music cannot but to please, especially to all boys and girls who desire and accept music as atmosphere and nothing more. I personally am not fond on such sonorities! Starting with Melodic Death Metal, ten years ago, and getting to Catchy Gothic Metal...this is a standard path for many bands that finally got lost in underground scene's anonymity. This is a kind of music which neither enchants...nor bothers and ENTWINE is situated somewhere there...in the middle! Perhaps, in a couple of years it will only be enumerated in a context maybe! To be more precise, after releasing four albums, the six musicians have proved their limitation: lack of inspiration! Apart from such...everything sounds ok...pretty professional, melodious, Metalic...probably their best album!