EPHEL DUATH "Rephormula"

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EPHEL DUATH "Rephormula"
  • Album: Rephormula
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

It is not a new album as many of us believed! It is just a re-edition of "Phormula" album including now two remixes ("Embossed" & "Instinkt") and legendary tracks of their demo "Opera". Since this very material features not new tracks, I shall only review what I haven't listened to so far, meaning the two remixes: a Techno, Industrial sound in MORTIIS sort yet too soft and rather boring. This CD must have importance only for those who were pleasantly surprised by the computerized Symphonic Black Metal these two composed so far (in the meantime there is only one musician left) because the sound is much clearer and the booklet more professional. That should be all.