EPHEL DUATH "The Painter's Palette"

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EPHEL DUATH "The Painter's Palette"
  • Album: The Painter's Palette
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

The world has turned upside down! What the hell is this?!... Black Metal, Fusion, Hardcore, Progressive Metal, Jazz and even Blues! Wow, this is too complex for my actual state! I understand that the new line-up formula encloses pretty famous musicians but not from the Metallic area, that's for sure; the sound is of high quality, well conceived and interpreted... but super-knotty! I have listened to the album for a couple of times and I still didn't get the idea! The acoustic trumpet, rather too soft guitars, a ravishing drum machine, abundant tunes... nothing resembles to what we knew EPHEL DUATH to be! If you like AGHORA, then you could reach almost the same satisfaction with this new product! In my opinion, Jazz measurement is the real accent of the new sound while the multitude of non-Metal loads simply outlines a very different EPHEL DUATH and definitely out of the Metallic sphere or maybe solely from the noise perspective. The CD includes as well a professional multimedia presentation; therefore, all curious people can actually surf through the information they might require. Davide Tiso proves to be the band's heart and soul since Giuliano's depart and what he has done here outshines the clichés' dimension. Succinctly, I haven't understood a thing if we have in mind a Metallic viewpoint. If we just take the sound and no other prejudices in mind, then I do believe the album should certainly feature reviews in other kind of magazines whose target is definitely larger than Kogaionon's. No other comments!