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  • Album: Under Time
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Hungary

I cannot figure out why should we endeavor promoting bands that don't put up some originality! Casian, the one wielding projects like Abbildung, Essentia Mundi and Ancient Beliefs, sent me this CDM released in solely 66 issues, with a modest booklet, a black & white one, suitable for underground activities. This band shows up some smart ideas via guitars instrumentation, but there is nothing else to it. There is just raw, primitive Black Metal and an extremely brutal and common voice, trying to imitate the Northern specific lines. I remember how SEAR BLISS's demo sounded long years ago and, if I compare it to the one we have on this CDM I'm sure there is no chance for EPITAPHIUM... at least if they continue this way. casian.directnet.ro